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Joly, A Qualified Marketing Teacher in Australia

Jolyslife, Top 1 Sydney Instagram Influencer in both 2020 and 2023

I'm a qualified marketing teacher from Australia, and for the past three years, I've been working in a college as a marketing trainer.


In addition to my teaching background, I'm also a social media influencer known as Jolyslife. I've been recognised as the top-ranked Sydney Instagram influencer in both 2020 and 2023. My mission as an influencer is to promote a healthy and positive lifestyle through my platform. I have collaborated with various organisations from 5-star luxury hotels, fitness, fashion to well-known skincare brands.

I provide 1:1 coaching to content creators. My goal is to help you build a great online presence, make a living doing what you love on social media and collaborate with brands. Whether you want to create engaging content or monetise your online presence, I'm here to guide you every step of the way.


It's been an incredible journey, working with amazing brands in various industries such as luxurious 5-star luxury hotels and travel companies that take you on adventures. So, if you're ready to level up your game as a content creator and dive into the exciting world of social media success, let's connect. Together, we'll unlock your full potential and make some magic happen!

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