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Joly, The Marketing Teacher

Jolyslife, Top 1 Sydney Instagram Influencer

From digital marketing to social media influencer, I am here to guide you step by step of how to practice my digital marketing tips and grow your businesses and accounts together!


Joly, The Marketing Teacher

Jolyslife, Top 1 Sydney Instagram Influencer in 2021

I'm a qualified marketing teacher in Australia. I teach in an Australian Registered Training Organisation as known RTO, as a Leader Marketing Faculty Trainer and Assessor. 


In my teaching career, I provide one-on-one support sessions, face-to-face, and online teaching sessions. As a Leader Marketing Faculty Trainer and Assessor, I coordinate teaching resources, plan strategic training session plans, create practical training activities, such as case studies, scenarios, and role-plays, and set specific learning objectives.


I have distinguished experiences in marketing coaching and social media marketing. You will be guided step by step on how to practice my marketing tips and skills and apply them in your business.


Click here to book a 1:1 coaching and consultation. 

I'm social media obsessed and love thinking outside of the box. Loving being on cameras and consistently creating to inspire and influence my audience. Perhaps you knew from Jolyslife, an Instagram Influencer page, which is recognised as the top Sydney travel Instagram Influencer in 2021. As an Instagram Influencer, my key mission is to share a healthy and positive lifestyle awareness throughout my Instagram page.

I have collaborated with organisations across diverse industries, from hospitality, travel, health, fashion to skincare. I recommend the most suitable promotion method for my brand collaborators to maximise the success of the collaboration and spread out brand awareness.


For influencer collaboration, simply email me at

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